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Our Xbox Booter app/website allows users to pull and grab IP addresses with a simple user interface. Another go to option is the possibility of resolving a gamertag submitting an username within our database and finding the correlated IP address.

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Frequently Ask Questions

A Xbox Booter is a stress testing application that you can use to pull IP addresses, resolve gamertags and boot people offline.

Xbox Booter is used to pull IP addresses, resolve gamertags and boot people offline on P2P games or Xbox Live party chats.

Xresolver and Xbox Booter works similar to the fact that you can find any IP address on Xbox and resolve gamertags online.

To boot someone offline on Xbox you first need to get the players IP address. (See IP puller section)

Once you found the IP address, you now have the opportunity to boot people offline by utilizing a layer 4/7 stress testing site.

Xbox Resolver is a tool to find any IP address as long as you know their Gamertag. So, if you see that person’s Gamertag, this is the easiest technique that you can use to find a person’s IP address.