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7 Ways to Make Your Xbox Download Games Faster

If you’re like most Xbox gamers, you hate waiting for your games to download. Especially when there are so many other great games to play! Well, fear not! Here are seven ways to speed up your Xbox game downloads. Try them out and see how much faster you download games!

Why Is Your Xbox Download Speed Slow?

Sometimes, the reasons for a slow download are pretty simple. For example, your game may be larger than average, so it’s consuming some time to completely download on your device. Other times, you may be connecting many devices to the router at once, eating up the bandwidth and slowing the download down. You can think of bandwidth as a road for the data to walk in. When there are too many devices connected, the road gets crowded, and the speed is slower. Your download speed may also be slow because you’re playing games while your game is downloading. Or, you may be running software in the background that’s eating up your internet speed. Some users also download multiple games at once, which ought to have its toll on the internet speed. Now that you have all the reasons, let’s see how to speed up Xbox downloads.

How to Speed Up Xbox Downloads – 7 Easy Ways

The first thing to do when your Xbox downloading speed is slow is to check your internet connection. Then, we’ll move on to other steps, like restarting your router or your game. Here are seven steps to try.

1.Check Your Current Xbox Internet Connection

When you check your current internet connection, you know how much speed and bandwidth your downloading game consumes. It gives you an idea of why your download speed is slow and helps you solve it faster. To do that, open the Settings app and navigate to Network. You’ll find two options; click on Network Settings. Next, click on Test Network. make xbox games download faster The device will start checking the internet connection in a few seconds or minutes. Afterward, the screen will show the latency value, speed, and packet loss of your connection. If the speed is slower than average, proceed to the next steps.

2.Restart Your Xbox Console

Sometimes, the reason for the slow download speed may be simpler than you think. It may be a minor bug or a hitch that’s preventing the download from proceeding normally. A simple move like restarting your Xbox will solve it, and you won’t have to go through the hassle of the next steps. Here’s how to do it:
  1. Press on the Xbox button
  2. A menu will pop up; click on the Restart console
  3. The device will ask if you want to proceed; confirm, and it’ll restart
After you’re done, it’s better to leave the console to carry on with the download without using it for anything else. Try to avoid opening any games or apps until it’s done.

3.Close All Running Games

If your download speed is too slow, it may be because you’re using other games on the console. These will typically cause the download to take longer than usual, so the right thing to do is to close all running games. To do that, follow these steps:
  1. Press the Xbox button
  2. Select the games you want to close; you’ll find them in the left sidebar
  3. Click on Menu, then press Quit

4.Suspend Your Game

If your Xbox Insider program is updated to the latest, you’ll have the option to suspend your game. Although it’s worth noting, the feature is only available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The way this feature works, it pauses your other games and the internet speed they use, so your downloads aren’t interrupted. Here’s how to use it:
  1. Click on the Xbox button
  2. A menu will pop up; go to My Games & App
  3. Select See All, then click on Manage
  4. You’ll find a Queue button on the right pane; click on it
  5. Navigate to the Manage Queue window, and click on Suspend My Game

5.Use an Ethernet Cable

If you tried everything, and the internet download speed is still slow, the solution may be as simple as an ethernet cable. If you have an ethernet cable, you can simply connect it to your console to speed up the connection. It’ll make sure your connection is faster and doesn’t get interrupted.

6.Disconnect Other Devices

When you’re sharing the internet router with the whole house, there ought to be some setbacks. For example, the devices connected may be too much for the internet to handle. They’re likely the reason your download speed is slower than average. While your game is downloading, disconnect all the unnecessary devices from the router. If your house has some smart devices, like cameras or doorbells, these will be eating right through the bandwidth. It’s better to disconnect them until the game finishes downloading. If you want to make sure that your problem is the number of connected devices, you can run an online internet test. If the speed is noticeably slower, you have some devices to disconnect.

7.Reboot the Router

If you checked all the previous boxes, and you have nothing else to try, you can always go with the old-fashioned solution. Rebooting the router seems like the magical way to solve any internet hiccups, and surprisingly enough, it works. Try unplugging your router from the wall, then leave it for a few minutes. Then, reconnect it and see if the connection improves. If it doesn’t, you may want to give a call to your internet service provider.


There are several ways to make your Xbox download games faster. Most of the time, the problem is that you’re running software or games in the background. Clearing up your bandwidth ensures your game downloads at a fast speed, and disconnecting other devices helps too.  

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