how to change xbox nat type

How to Change NAT Type Xbox One/Series X

If you’ve been struggling to connect online with your friends on Xbox One or Xbox Series X, your NAT type might be the issue. Here’s how to change your Xbox NAT type so you can game and party without any problems.

What Is NAT?

Each device has a unique private IP address. When someone’s sending you something over Wi-Fi, they have to know your IP address. With it, your router knows what device to send the information to. NAT (Network Address Translation) connections work in a similar way. The main difference is that NAT converts your private IP address into a public one. Anyone with your now-public IP address can start a connection with your device. When you’re playing multiplayer games, these connections are crucial. They allow for a seamless gaming experience.

What Are NAT Types?

Your Xbox gives you some degree of control over your NAT connections. This allows you to choose how many connections you want to make. It decides who you’re able to connect with, as well as what kind of gameplay you can enter. Xbox gives you three options for NAT type:

Open NAT Type

An open NAT type means you should be able to chat with all other players on Xbox live, regardless of their NAT type. It also allows you to host multiplayer lobbies.

Moderate NAT Type

With moderate NAT, you can chat and connect with other players. You may, however, face issues getting into games and staying logged in. It can also be tricky to hear what’s going on in party chats.

Strict NAT Type

The strict NAT type offers the biggest restrictions. You can only connect with people that have an open NAT type. That’s if you’re able to connect at all. It won’t allow you to host games, or enter games or chat rooms that involve a large group.

How to Change NAT Type Xbox One and Series X

First, you need to identify your NAT type:
  1. Click the Xbox home button on your controller
  2. From the guide menu, go to the setting tab
  3. Select all settings
  4. Highlight the Network tab and click on Network settings
  5. You should be able to see the NAT type in the middle column
To change the NAT type:
  1. From Network settings, click on advanced settings
  2. Scroll down to alternate MAC address
  3. Click on clear
  4. Restart your Xbox console
Your NAT type should automatically change to open. If you’re having trouble changing the NAT type, you may want to reset your internet router. xbox nat type

Wrapping Up

NAT type is crucial for online multiplayer games. It controls who you’re allowed to connect with. If you’re always online and love to host games, then open NAT is the way to go. But if you’re a parent worried about who your kids are talking to, then a strict NAT will give you much more control.

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