how to factory reset xbox

How to Factory/Hard Reset Your Xbox One/Series X

If you are experiencing lag on your Xbox, or if it just isn’t working the way it used to, a factory reset may be in order. This process will erase all of your data and restore the console to its original settings. Below, we’ll outline how to do a factory reset on Xbox so that you can start fresh. Keep in mind that this will also delete any games or apps you have installed, so backup anything important before proceeding.

Enjoy your newly refreshed console!

How to Factory Reset Xbox One/Series X Using the Dashboard

Performing a factory reset from the dashboard is easy and quick. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Press on the Xbox button on your console, and sign in to your account
  2. Go to the System menu and choose Settings
  3. Click System on the left menu; you’ll find it right under Network
  4. Select Console Info; it should be the first option on the menu
  5. A different page will open up; click Reset Console
  6. The device will ask you whether you want to remove everything or keep your games. Select your choice and proceed
    how to factory reset xbox
  7. If you choose to remove everything, the reset will delete all the games, apps, and data
  8. If you decide to keep your games, all your data will be removed, but your downloaded games will stay
  9. Wait for the console to perform the reset; it can last for a few minutes

How to Factory Reset Your Xbox One/Series X Using USB

If you can’t reset your Xbox through the dashboard, you can do it using a USB drive instead. For that, you’ll need a Windows PC.

To begin with, format your drive so that it’s empty. It should have storage of at least 4 GB.

When you have that ready, start with the following steps:

  • Download the File

The first thing you should do is download the factory reset file Xbox provides for users. Once you click on it, it’ll download on your device as a ZIP file.

Go to your Downloads folder, and click on the downloaded file. Next, unzip it in a new folder, and there should be a file called $SystemUpdate. Right-click on it, copy it, and paste it into your USB drive.

For this step to work, your drive must be empty except for that file.

  • Reboot the Console

Now that your drive is ready, remove it from your computer and proceed to the next step. Unplug all cables from your Xbox console, including the Ethernet cable if it’s there. Then, power it down.

Wait for a few seconds, then replug the power cable. Connect the drive to the console, then press on Pair and Eject, holding down for a bit.

While holding them down, click on the Xbox button, and wait for the power-up tone. When you hear the second one, lift your fingers off the buttons.

The console will restart; when it’s done, you can remove the drive. You’ll then see on-screen instructions to finish the reset.


Performing a factory reset on your Xbox console can help improve its speed and performance. A hard reset will remove any cached data or lag issues (keep in mind this will remove all your games and apps). If you’re experiencing any problems with your Xbox, try restarting it with one of the above methods.

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