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Top 15 Xbox One/Series X Accessories to Buy in 2022

Looking to buy some new Xbox One/Series X accessories for your gaming console? Here are the top 15 options that you should consider in 2022. From controllers to headsets, these are the must-have items that will enhance your gaming experience. So check them out and start shopping!

Top 15 Xbox One/Series X Accessories to Buy in 2022

1. PowerA Dual Charging Station for Xbox

xbox accessoriesKicking off the list with one of my absolute favorites, the PowerA dual charging station is both an aesthetically pleasing snap-down docking device and a charger for your Xbox controller. The LED-lit stand can house 2 controllers and come in black and white colors with excellent charging speed and is compatible with both Series X|S and One controllers.

2. WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive for Xbox

xbox series x accessories If you want an expansion to your Xbox without compromising on loading speed, the WD_Black P10 is the right investment for you! This game drive is remarkably fast for portable storage and comes in 1 to 5 TB options to choose from in addition to a free 30-day Game Pass subscription.

3. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

xbox one accessories If you want an enhanced Xbox controller that looks and feels like the standard one, you should consider the Elite Series 2 controller. This one has an improved grip and D-pad in addition to a 40-hour rechargeable battery and adjustable thumbsticks. You can also customize the whole controller via the Xbox accessories app.

4. Logitech Driving Force G920 Steering Wheel and Pedals

Whether you’re a fan of the Xbox exclusive Forza Horizon Series or you like sim racing and in-game driving in general, the Logitech G920 steering wheel and pedals will take your experience to the next level. Besides Xbox, this one is also compatible with PCs. the steering wheel looks and feels very nice with advanced feedback for a highly realistic simulation

5. PDP Gaming Remote Control: Xbox Series X|S

xbox series s accessories The Xbox is a complete entertainment center and can be used to watch videos, play music, and more! If you use your console to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Twitch, Youtube, and other entertainment apps on the Xbox store, this PDP remote control will make browsing much easier than the controller.

6. Xbox One Kinect Sensor

If you have an Xbox One and you aren’t planning on upgrading soon, you might want to invest in a Kinect sensor. In addition to voice control of your device and TV, the sensor unlocks a wider range of gaming possibilities whether alone or with friends and family!

7. Xbox Wireless Headset

xbox accessories If you’re a fan of competitive FPS gaming, knowing where sounds are coming from gives you a remarkable edge while playing, and that’s where the Xbox Wireless Headset comes in handy! The headset is fully supported by the Xbox ecosystem and has a remarkably comfortable design with great audio quality and advanced app control and noise cancellation.

8. Hard Shell Carrying Case for Xbox Series X

The boxy design of the Series X makes it awkward for backpacks and bags. However, this dedicated Series X travel bag is ideal for keeping your console safe while traveling. The bag has a durable hard-shell exterior and features an EVA foam tray inside to house the console and 2 controllers. It also has extra space to store a small laptop and all cables necessary.

9. Xbox Travel Bag Compatible for Xbox One

Alternatively, if you have an Xbox One and you want to secure it, this travel bag will also do the trick. In addition to the controllers and cables, the bag also has a dedicated spot to store gaming headsets and extra zippered pockets for additional belongings.

10. Charging Stand with Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X

This stand is an excellent value for money and a great gift for anyone who recently bought a Series X. This accessory is a complete docking system for the console, headphones, physical game copies, and even 2 controllers with a fast-charging system and LED display to know when each of the controllers is fully charged (two 1400 mAh batteries are included).

11. Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

If you’re using Xbox One controllers on Xbox One or Series X|S, you should consider the play and charge kit. This kit includes a rechargeable battery for the Xbox One controller in addition to a cable for charging directly from the console.

12. Seagate Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S (Must Have Xbox Accessories)

External hard drives are excellent for storing large games without having to delete games to allocate space for newer ones. However, if you want to play next-gen games directly from your expansion card without compromising on performance, the Seagate card is your way to go. This one is super compact, available in both 1 and 2 TB, and directly plugs into the Xbox without having to open the device.

13. Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox Controller

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is an excellent step-up from the regular Xbox controller. It comes with improved latency and interchangeable thumbsticks and D-pad for customization. Moreover, it has several extra buttons that you can assign to improve your gameplay and audio control experience in addition to RGB lights for aesthetics and enhanced visibility at night.

14. Dust Filter for Xbox Series X

The holes at the top of the Series X let its massive fan blow hot air out and keep the device cool while playing. However, these holes allow dust to find its way in when the device is turned off. For that reason, if you have a Series X, I highly recommend that you get these affordable dust filters, as it’ll save you a lot of money for cleaning the device in the long run.

15. Controller Keyboard for Xbox One and Series X

Last but not least, whether you like to chat inside game lobbies or you play games where communication is important, this controller keyboard is a must have! The keyboard is lightweight and easy to use. It also comes in black and white to match your controller color. There you have it! A brief guide that includes 15 of the best Xbox accessories to make your experience a whole lot easier!  

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