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Xbox DNS – Best DNS server settings for Xbox One/Series X

Gaming is hugely dependent on a fast response time and a reliable Xbox DNS connection with minimal latency. In simpler terms, you don’t want the game to lag or freeze while you’re in the middle of a battle or a race. The default settings normally get you a nice performance. But if you’re playing a more sophisticated game with life-like graphics and movie-grade narrative, you need a better setup. You can upgrade the hardware and get the latest software, but an unreliable network would undermine all these efforts. That’s why it’s absolutely important to know what are the best DNS server settings for Xbox One/Series X.

What Exactly Is an Xbox DNS?

The Domain Name System, also known as a DNS, is the internet’s way of finding a specific website. It’s a translation of the URL and IP address to an actual destination that the network needs to reach and query. The DNS is one of many protocols designed to facilitate communication between users and the various websites on the internet. The Xbox needs a DNS Server to carry out the connection between the various online players and the gaming platform. These Xbox DNS servers vary in reliability, response time, and a number of other parameters. They’re also location sensitive, so proximal regional and local servers are often better than remote ones. Thus, choosing the right DNS settings could really make a huge difference in the performance of an Xbox.

The 3 Best Xbox DNS Servers

There are hundreds of open and private DNS servers, so there’s always the big question: which one should you choose? The following is a shortlist of the top 3 servers, so that should make the selection process much easier.

1. Cloudflare

xbox dns Cloudflare is among the most reliable servers you can use. It has the distinct primary DNS server, which is aptly branded as “the fastest DNS system in the world”. This server is also big on protecting users’ data, so they clearly state that they’d never sell private information for financial gain. This is a valuable feature at a time when users’ privacy is constantly compromised.

2. Quad9

xbox one dns Quad9 is an IBM product, so you get all the expertise and support of that giant. The main feature of this server is its ironclad protection from malware or any kind of cyber attacks. Depending on where you are exactly, you could also get an awesome response from that server.

3. Google Public DNS

xbox dns servers This is probably the largest DNS server in the globe, with more than 400 million users actively connected to it. You have the double benefit of reliability and security while using Google’s top tech servers. However, your geographic location might be the deciding factor of whether or not this is the best DNS server for you.

How to Find the Best Xbox DNS Settings for Your Location

Before getting to the adventurous and exciting part of selecting an Xbox DNS setting, first, you need to know how to access that option.

Accessing the DNS Settings Menu

The best way to get to that is to follow this simple procedure:
  • Hold the controller and press the Xbox button to access the main menu.
  • From that first level, choose profile & system.
  • Next, select settings.
  • From there, choose General.
  • Now you’re pretty close to your destination, so select Network settings.
  • This process here is rather complex, so naturally, you need to select Advanced settings.
  • Finally, select DNS settings, then, Manual.
  • At this point, you’re ready to enter your DNS settings.

Choosing the Right DNS Server

The fastest and most reliable DNS setting isn’t necessarily your friend’s recommendation. It’s actually dependent on your physical location and other system settings. That’s why it’s important to find a testing method to remove the guesswork out of the selection process. Luckily, we have three reliable options.

Check Out the Top Ranking DNS Servers

Most tech sites routinely review and rank the best performing DNS servers. Usually, you’d see top 10 lists, and some sites would go further in specifying which ones are best for a specific application. This makes sense, as what’s good for gaming isn’t necessarily what’s optimal for businesses. It’s often beneficial to spot the highest-ranking servers and try them out. You can enter the settings for the best three, and see what works best.

Run a Ping Test for Your Favorite DNS Servers

This is a more quantitative test, as it measures actual time delays from the server to your console. This is dependent on your location, so what your friend gets would most probably differ from what you see. The ideal choice is the one with the least response time. This would have a substantial effect on your gaming performance, especially, when quick reactions matter.

Do a Comprehensive Benchmark Test

Response time is a wonderful parameter to gauge the performance of a server, but it only measures the speed at a specific moment. It doesn’t show the stability or reliability of the DNS server. A better and more comprehensive way to assess a server’s behavior over time is to use an app that monitors multiple parameters and gives you an accurate result. A free utility like Domain Name Speed Benchmark is available for Windows users to perform a comprehensive test. It’s capable of checking out, and comparing, the performance of 200 servers simultaneously. This is the most accurate way we know of to specify the best DNS server for your location and device.

A Few More Adjustments

To get the most out of your Xbox DNS Server, there are a few more adjustments you can do in your system setup.
  • Get a router with Smart Queue Management, as this is the best way to make sure that other streaming users around the house don’t affect your game.
  • Try to use an ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi. This is especially important if your Wi-Fi connection isn’t optimally placed. The new flat cables are now much easier to connect and conceal than the bulkier cables that were available before.

Always Protect Your Connection

Cybersecurity remains a huge concern to users around the world, and that’s for a very good reason. Digital hacking, identity theft, and all sorts of malware are crashing everyone’s systems. It’s best then to raise your guard and use a reliable VPN provider.  

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