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Top 5 Xbox IP Pullers and Xbox Resolvers in 2022

If you’re an Xbox player and are looking around for a tool to use as an IP puller or a Xbox resolver, or if you’re wondering what IP pulling is, this article is for you. Here, we go over what IP pulling is as well as shed light on the top 5 Xbox IP pullers and Xbox gamertag resolver in 2022.

What Is IP Pulling/Sniffing/Grabbing?

IP pulling is finding out what a certain user’s IP is. This is done by interrupting the building blocks of data, called packets, on their way to their intended target’s machines. Data packets carry information from one computer to another using a wired or wireless network. The process of interruption is called “packet sniffing.” It simply means that when the packet is headed towards its original destination, you collect it, decrypt it, and analyze it. Packet sniffing is mostly used by network admins and moderators to gather information about their network use, but it can be used maliciously by hackers. An IP puller uses packet sniffing to find out what a user’s IP is. This can be done by providing a bit of information yourself, like an Xbox Gamertag, or by using a specialized website to analyze the metadata of the user’s network once they click on a link the website provides.

The Top 5 Xbox IP Pullers and Gamertag Resolvers in 2022

Below is a list of the 5 best Xbox IP grabbers available. Some of them offer Gamertag resolvers, while others are more general-use IP pullers.


xresolver xbox resolver This is probably the first and largest database of Xbox player IPs and Gamertags. It works by providing either the player IP to resolve their Xbox Gamertag or vice versa. With more than 24 million entries on their database, you’re more than likely to find the IP or Gamertag you’re looking for. Xresolver recently added an IP Logger to their website, which allows you to create a custom link you can send to a user to obtain an IP address. It has both a free and a paid version, with the latter giving you more insights into the metadata of the network.

2.Lanc Remastered

xbox ip puller Lanc Remastered is the new and improved edition of Lanc; an open-source packet sniffing and network monitoring app. What’s great about it is that it’s compatible with both PSN and Xbox Live, and can work on both wired and wireless networks. You can also use Lanc Remastered to get geographical information like city, country, and ISP. All of this comes in the free application you can download on their website here.


xbox ip grabber Grabify is a different tool from the two previous ones, as it pulls IPs only when a user clicks on a shortened link, and then you can view their IP. This is not an Xbox-specific tool and can work for any other console/operating system. All you have to do to use Grabify is to create a URL, usually a disguised Twitter or Youtube link, and send it to the user. Once they click on it, you’ll get their IP and geographical information, as well as other network metadata. Note that Grabify also introduced a beta version of a URL expander that can help you check any shortened URL you provide and even show you the page it redirects to.


xbox resolver Octosniff is a packet decryption and IP sniffing tool that works with multiple games on PSN and Xbox. It started out in 2015 and is currently associated with the developers of XResolver. As Octosniff is a paid service, it has some supplementary features, such as checking for server latency and advanced packet filtering alongside the usual IP grabbing. The downside is that Octosniff is pretty costly, at $20 and $30 subscription fees for the lite and ultimate versions, respectively, and it also requires a single-device license.

5.Console Sniffer

xbox ip finder Console Sniffer is another IP and Gamertag Xbox resolver that offers both Xbox and PSN support. It’s a paid service with features ranging from VPN compatibility to easy setup over wired or wireless networks. At a $20 subscription fee, Console Sniffer lacks wide-ranging support for games, so it’s not our first choice, especially when it requires a single license-per-device as well.

What Are IP Pullers Used For?

IP pullers are used for a multitude of reasons, some are harmless and some can be harmful to other users or maybe even illegal. Using an IP puller to find out general info like Gamertags/usernames is the most common use. However, some people use IP pullers to launch DDoS (Distributed Decline of Service) attacks on other users they want out of a game or just random users that have done nothing to initiate this. This pattern of behavior prompted databases like XResolver and others to launch a service that can blacklist your IP from other users’ searches. They charge a fee to hide your online info from snooping users that want to pull your IP or Gamertag. A good plan is to use a VPN, one made for Xbox or any other console you’re using, as they block your real IP from appearing to the people looking for it. It’s also wise to check any links sent to you by others as they might be IP-grabbing links.


Using an Xbox IP puller is an easy way to grab information about fellow players. All you need is a Gamertag username. You can also use the IP logger method where you send a shortened link to the player that grabs their IP and geographical information. In this article, we reviewed multiple websites/applications that provide these services, both paid and unpaid. It’s better to try out a free service and check to see if it works. If it doesn’t, then you can move over to one of the paid services. But be careful, as both OctoSniff and Console Sniffer don’t offer refunds. As always, make sure to protect your online security by utilizing a reliable VPN and not clicking any random links sent by strangers. DDoS attacks can be annoying and quite disruptive, and if you have a commercial server, they can put it out of order for a long period of time.

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